“The biggest problem with this software is that I didn’t have it sooner.”


Dan Morgan, President • Greenbrier Construction, Novato, CA

“We will switch completely to Sales Simplicity for all of our sales and reporting on January 1st. Your software is replacing three independent pieces of software that we currently use, resulting in significant savings. We are excited about Sales Simplicity and look forward to putting it to good use.”


Jasonn Ross, IT Manager • Essex Homes, Lexington, SC • 400 homes/yr

“Sales Simplicity has enabled our sales staff and custom design staff to have constant and up-to-the-minute communication. We save hours and produce a better customer experience. Additionally, each of your new deployments has been very helpful. Your support team is terrific. Thank you very much!”


Li Chen, Controller • DWG Corporation, Winnetka, IL • 100 homes/yr

“I was just at our Heritage Shores Community in Delaware last week and installed wireless tablet PCs in our Design Center. Works great!


“We took it a step further and installed bar code readers on the tablets. All of our options in the design center (cabinets, lighting, plumbing fixtures, etc.) have a bar code that identifies the option and the color selection. Now the design consultant can simply walk through the design center with the customer and scan the option with the bar code reader... all while working in Sales Simplicity. Our design consultants absolutely love it. We used to have a home grown application for selecting the options, that had to be uploaded to our sales system. Now they work directly in Sales Simplicity (wirelessly) and have the ease of a bar code reader.”


Mark Gregas, Director of Information Technology • Brookfield Homes, Virginia Business Group, 68th Largest National Builder

“In the 8 months that we’ve been using Sales Simplicity our Design time has been cut by more than 50% and the time it takes to do Purchase Orders by more than 60%.”


Tim Olson, Senior Accountant • Jacobs Homes, Deerfield, IL • 100 homes/yr

“Camelot Homes has been a Sales Simplicity user from their early desktop version in 2001, to our server based system and then on to the central web-based system, when it became available. In 2007 we had also changed our accounting/purchasing software and Sales Simplicity’s latest and greatest version was already there and waiting to be integrated. Start ups and all transitions were done seamlessly. Our Marketing Team would say that the Demographic personalization is the most valuable aspect; lenders, title and outside vendors would say the WorkFlow function and the instant notifications are priceless; while the sales team would say setting up the buyer and their personalized home selections is the core success. It is a very complex system, yet SO simple to set up and navigate. Sales Simplicity truly is the Best of the Best when it comes to sales software. Needless to say, we continue to be fans of Sales Simplicity and the TEAM behind the product.


“Sales Simplicity…the name says it all.”


Lois Jaucian, Closing Manager • Camelot Homes, Scottsdale, AZ • 100 homes/yr

“What I appreciate about Sales Simplicity is the convenience of one program having all the functions assisting us in our daily job. It is really easy to move from one function to another given any situation with a potential customer or converted homebuyer! It makes our job manageable.“


Sheryl O’Neal, Sales Agent • De Young Properties, Fresno, CA • 60 homes/yr

“We have been using Sales Simplicity since 2005. The software is so easy to use, easy to train others to use, and it integrates very well with our accounting program. I give even higher praise to the technical support and customer service folks there, as I consider this to be one of their most valuable attributes. The support people are knowledgeable, patient and efficient. They go above and beyond to assist with clear, concise answers and helpful suggestions, whether it’s during regular business hours, evenings or weekends. They are consistently willing and ready to assist. They set a great example of how customer service and technical support should be.“


Mary McCully, Vice President • Calex Homes • 30 homes/yr

“We are currently implementing several systems here and pushing into a virtual construction solution over the next year. When we added Sales Simplicity, our tasks were laid out, the implementation procedures were clearly documented, and we were able to schedule the roll out easily from the procedures that were provided quickly and accurately. The onsite training was great, and it is a wonderful feeling to know that if you have an issue arise, you will have a solution, or an option from the technical support within minutes, not hours. Thanks to all!”


Michael Walter, IT Manager • Napolitano Homes, Virginia Beach, VA • 250 homes/yr

“Our main concern was finding software capable of integrating with our business, not us integrating with the software. Sales Simplicity accomplished this with ease. The independent language functionality, eLeads utility, and follow-up tool only scratch the surface of the software’s capabilities. Sales Simplicity Software has more than exceeded our expectations…terrific product!”


Neil Friedman, Controller • Winthrop Club, Evanston, IL • 150 units/yr

“We selected Sales Simplicity for its promise of rich functionality and excellent support; we were not disappointed on either account. We are very pleased with the end-result, specifically with contract packages that are professional and accurate. The accuracy we gained positively impacts everyone from the Sales Agents to the Contracts Administrators to the CAD department to the Builders in the Field and the Closing Coordinators. And, now that we have implemented the Workflow management function, automated notification of significant events has helped to keep everyone informed. Sales Simplicity Software has become a mission critical application for Henry Company Homes.”


Chris Larimer, Operations Manager • Henry Company Homes, Pace, FL • 400 homes/yr

“Bright Homes has a large sales force, but until now the sales process was entirely on paper, and communicating the options selection data to the building side of the business was a challenge. With this software, when we sell an option it is defined once, and everyone is working from the same data. It’s a dramatic improvement.”


Barbara Tregea, Consultant • Bright Homes, Modesto, CA • 100 homes/yr

“After an extensive review of CRM systems, we selected and deployed Sales Simplicity Software. We remain impressed not only with the product, but with the people behind it. Implementation and support are excellent, and scheduled enhancements continually add value. Virtual Topo is an absolute winner.”


Ron Marshall, Chief Financial Officer • Main Street Homes, Austin, TX • 1,000 homes/yr

“We completed Data Admin training and everything went very smoothly, Bob did a fantastic job. We are very excited about getting Sales Simplicity up and running after realizing everything we are going to be able to do with it. Just wanted to let you know, you have a great product and staff.”


Dre Gutierrez, CFO • Armadillo Homes, San Antonio, TX • 300 homes/yr

“We completed our admin training this afternoon and wanted to thank you for sending us such a great instructor. Bob is terrific. The organized presentation was such a contrast to what we’ve experienced in the past. Bob’s detailed explanations, his patience and his adaptability are greatly appreciated. We are so hoping he can also do our sales agent training.”


Bonnie Wasson, Sales & Marketing Manager • Braddock & Logan Homes, Danville, CA • 400 homes/yr

“We have found Sales Simplicity to be all that we had hoped for in a comprehensive software package. As a regional real estate company, we represent multiple builders in multiple communities. It works equally well for our needs even though we are structured within its framework differently from a typical single builder configuration. We are in the start up phase and our agents are using the system quickly and professionally. We also have to train multiple back office individuals from the 25+ builder firms we represent. We are implementing the program in stages to keep from overwhelming any single individual while we focus on short and long-term goals and results.

“After 25 years in the new construction business, Sales Simplicity is the best and most comprehensive stand alone product I have seen and used. It combines common sense, an understanding of our industry and emerging technology. I don’t think we have come close to tapping all of its capabilities – YET!”


Bill Dore’, Implementing Consultant • William E. Wood and Associates, Hampton Roads, Virginia

“Barry, thank you for assigning Bob Nocon to our implementation training sessions. We are all very pleased and impressed with Bob, he did an outstanding job for On Top of the World Communities. If Sales Simplicity's other employees are the same caliber as Bob, we believe that Sales Simplicity will become the national leaders in the Home Building Sales Software systems.

“Sales Simplicity Software is a very intuitive system, I rate it as the best in the market.”


Bob Lanier, Project Manager • On Top of the World Communities, Inc., Ocala, Florida • 700 homes/yr