The larger advantages of Sales Simplicity Software over our previous software product are directly connected to technology solutions. Sales Simplicity Software was developed using Visual Basic® for the front-end, and MS SQL Server® for the back-end. Using XML, Sales Simplicity Software can feed virtually any back-end production and/or accounting system in existence, as long as the software provider is open and cooperative.

Sales Simplicity Software is also the only sales automation software to be developed as an Application Streaming product. Application Streaming is an architecture that provides high performance, stateless applications for the Internet.

In brief, Application Streaming accomplishes the following:

  • Provides a mechanism to deliver compiled applications to clients over the Web.
  • Performance on par with distributed and fully deployed applications.
  • Single point deployment - nothing to distribute or load.
  • Only downloaded once, or whenever a change is made.
  • Capable of establishing its own connection to servers and communicating in numerous protocols.

How does it work?

  • A DLL is created and attached to an HTML page.
  • A call to this HTML page by a browser results in the DLL component being transferred down from the server and installed on the client.
  • The component is executed and instantiates its own connections to servers on an as-needed basis.
  • Multiple pipes to one or more servers can be established simultaneously.
  • All user actions are intercepted by the DLL, thus exposing a rich programming capability which far exceeds anything offered by HTML scripting alone.

The advantages of Application Streaming include:

  • Few deployment issues
  • Low computer costs
  • Low maintenance/support
  • Distributed processing
  • Horizontal/vertical scalability
  • Smaller web farms
  • No server side State issues

What do I need to run Sales Simplicity Software using Application Streaming?

Because Sales Simplicity Software is a browser based application, the system requirements for for the "Client Side" (the people out in the field using the system) are very basic :

  • Microsoft Windows 98(SE)/NT/2000/XP Pro/Vista/7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher (we do support IE 7 and 8)
  • Pentium Class processor 500MHz or higher
  • 128MB+ RAM, 100MB free HD space
  • 56K Modem or higher with Internet Access
  • Microsoft Word 2000/XP(2002)/2003/2007
  • Color Monitor with 1024x768 resolution or greater

Sales Simplicity Software also utilizes some 3rd party software pieces.

The program will check for these on initial startup and download them if necessary. These include:

  • Microsoft XML Parser v3.0 SP2
  • MDAC v2.5 or higher
  • Seagate Crystal Reports Viewer